Factoring: Definition

A continuous third party relationship between a factor, a seller and its buyers where the seller assigns their trade receivables, arising from the sales of goods or provision of services towards their buyers, to the factor.

These services are addressed to Companies who sell on a repeat basis in international markets, to Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) but large corporations also who wish not only the flexible and immediate funding but also outsourcing their sales ledger administration and collection of trade receivables to highly specialized outsourcers (factoring companies).

Finally, to Corporations who plan to sell their trade receivables aiming to accelerate their cash flow and improve their financial structure and image through balance sheet effects, getting rid of their "lazy capital”.


Factor should provide the following set of services:


  • Client centered approach with continuous vision and target to adjust factoring with the needs of each client individually (one to one factoring).
  • Knowledge, experienced know-how services.
  • Utilization of a highly trained and specialized workforce.
  • Sophisticated factoring software and electronic management of receivables.
  • The cooperation with Optima factors S.A. aims to continuously improve the quality of the services provided and offer additional value to your company’s wealth, supported by the competitive conditions, credibility and security of our banking group.