Regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance is the Unit that takes care of the continuous process of adjustment and compliance with the regulatory framework.
It reports to the General Manager of the company and was established in the context of the application of the rules of the supervisory framework and the provisions of Act 2577/9-3-2006 of the Director of the Bank of Greece.
Its main mission is to achieve full and continuous compliance with the applicable regulatory framework and the internal regulations.
The Regulatory Compliance Unit is subject to the audit of the company’s Internal Audit Department as to the adequacy and effectiveness of its regulatory compliance procedures. Furthermore, it submits annual reports to the Board of Directors of the company.

Principal responsibilities

  • The establishment and implementation of appropriate procedures and the preparation of an annual plan aiming at full and continuous compliance with the applicable regulatory framework and the internal regulations of the company.
  • To inform the Management and the Board of Directors of possible violations of the regulatory framework or any significant deficiencies.
  • The provision of instructions in case of amendments to the applicable regulatory framework, for the corresponding adaptation of the internal procedures applied by the Directorates of the company and its Policies.
  • To ensure that employees are constantly informed about developments in the regulatory framework, by adopting appropriate procedures and training programs.
  • To ensure compliance with the deadlines for the fulfillment of the obligations provided for in the regulatory framework.
  • The submission to the Bank of Greece, within the first calendar semester of each year, of a report on the matters within its competence.
  • It takes note and is provided by all the company's Divisions and personnel with the ability to access all data and necessary information for the fulfilment of its mission.