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Team’s culture & structure

Optima Factors S.A. manages the commercial and business relationships in the markets of interest, based upon the "cell-system” concept.

The "cell-system" concept identifies and respects the personality of each individual and the contribution of the human factor in the development of values, via continuous training, improvement and self-satisfaction.

It is a multi-task activity (providing a complete spectrum and overview of the company’s operations), accepts and places the knowledgeable human capital as the most important capital and vital component of any well-targeted and successful corporate activity.

The "cell system" concept also represents the idea of continuous and open communication, analysis and capitalization on any kind of information which is related to the team’s activity.

The "cell system" is targeting on the continuous development and maintenance of a flexible and adjustable services, in our ever changing market environment.

Moreover, the "cell system" concept encourages the initiation of new ideas from the cells, via face-to-face communication between the members of each function, and the management of the relationships, through implementation of "Management-by-walking-around and by walking-away".

Coordination of actions is realized through ‘invitations-for-collaboration’ and task force approach; in contrast to the traditional, "by-command", and strictly administrative, hierarchical logic. Day-to-day operations of our product units, and of the client relations with our counterparties, is supported by the application of the "4 Eyes principle"

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