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Company profile

We would like to inform you that our company's name has been changed to "Optima Factors S.A.".This action took place in compliance with the buyout from IREON INVESTMENTS LTD.

Our vision is to create a new Commercial Finance entity to be identified as one of the most reliable and dynamic institutions in the Region of South-Eastern Europe. To cope effectively with the different market environments and offer viable solutions to satisfy the various financial needs in compliance with all stakeholders interests and wants

As the global market rapidly changes, business differentiates and new needs come-up in the various geographical regions, the venture will evaluate the relative conditions and will plan accordingly to grasp the opportunities and penetrate new markets.

Optima factors product portfolio of products includes:

  • Domestic non-recourse Factoring
    receivables purchase » sales ledger administration, receivables collection, Buyers’ control, credit risk assumption, advances
  • Domestic with-recourse Factoring
    receivables purchase » sales ledger administration, receivables collection, advances
  • InvoiceDiscounting
  • Bulk Factoring
    sales ledger financing only
  • Export Factoring
    recourse & non recourse full service
  • Import Factoring
  • Reverse Factoring
  • Forfaiting

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